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I have always dabbled in art as a hobby and a retreat into myself.  I am extremely lucky to live in paradise in Northern Michigan.  I am inspired by the beauty of Lake Michigan, the country roads and farms that grow grapes for wine, hops, cherries and apples.  You will see these scenes reflected in my work.  In the winter months, we live on Hilton Head Island, which has a totally different kind of coastal beauty.  I am also an avid dog lover- my labradoodle, Buff has been my muse and sometimes my model.

For thirty years, while my day job was as a marketing professor, I took classes in metal smithing, fiber, pastel and drawing at local art centers as well as teaching myself.  Now that I am retired, I can devote myself fully to my passion for art, including acrylic painting, pastels and watercolor pen and ink. 

In the past year, I bought an ipad pro and have been creating some digital art from photographs I have taken. 

Please look through my work in the Gallery. 

I am affiliated with the following art associations:

Art League of Hilton Head

Crooked Tree Art Center of Traverse City

Glen Arbor Arts Center

The Old Art Building Leland, MI

Northport Arts Association

About Me: Bio
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